Alamance County Commissioner

 Our Mission:

Elect Kristen Powers

One County. Endless Opportunity

Why I am running

Learn a little bit more about Kristen and why she wants to be your representative on the Alamance County Board of Commissioners!



Kristen is committed to several big issues, including education,  economic development, sustaibability, and accessibility.

Voter Info

Confused about when, where or how to vote? We have you covered so you'll be ready come the General Election on November 9th. 

"I support Kristen because she’s a fresh face with new energy and new ideas. It’s time for a candidate who supports our schools, supports our teachers, and supports all people.” - Becky Mock

"I support Kristen because she has the potential to move Alamance County towards equity... I have not seen the racial disparity gap close at all - it’s time for the outcomes for brown and black people to be different... We can have that conversation with Kristen.  She has the potential to bring us to a different place and speak truth to power.” – LaShauna Austria

“I support Kristen because she’s a young face who’s willing to support the youth of the county with respect to education. As someone who has grown up in Alamance County Schools, it is nice to have someone who will listen." – Dmitri McKinney


Don't have the time to volunteer? That's ok! Donating to our campaign is another a great way to show your support and help us elect Kristen Powers. 


Get Involved.

There are so many ways to get involved. Volunteering with us can include phone banking, canvassing, event planning, fundraising, and so much more. Don't see any opportunities that resonate with you? Pitch us your own idea!