Kristen's Platform


Education is the pathway to success. As a county commissioner, Kristen will work diligently to ensure our school administrators, teachers, students, and their families have the resources needed to succeed. Kristen understands what it means to be a student in the 21st century. She knows what it will take for our students to thrive academically and work well in a professional and global environment.

Economic progress

Kristen wants to build a county where people can thrive right at home. Part of that is making sure our community can find meaningful employment here. Kristen will work to ensure our county employees are paid a living wage. Kristen will also work to ensure Alamance County residents have the resources to develop community-based businesses that contribute to our local economy.


Making our county more equitable means improving accessibility for community members with different abilities. Kristen will work to ensure county buildings and services are accessible for people with physical handicaps while working with local businesses and schools to encourage hiring of differently-abled people. Kristen is committed to taking steps to de-stigmatizing disability and mental illness in our community.


In order for Alamance County to continue to thrive, we need to embrace sustainability. Kristen believes sustainable practices aren’t just good for the environment, but also our economic and social well-being. As county commissioner, Kristen would explore partnerships to promote energy-efficient households. Sustainability also means taking care of our natural resources, ensuring our waterways and parks are clean.