About Kristen Powers

From a young age, Kristen's dad encouraged her to stop complaining and do something about the problems in her community. She grew up on a small family-owned farm off the NC-54 corridor, and learned the value of self-motivation and sustainability while forming a deeper appreciation for the dedication of farmers. This experience led to an appreciation for hard work and problem solving, propelling her to address the issues in her community from a young age.

Kristen’s efforts started small. She organized a fundraiser in 3rd grade to save the grey wolves, her favorite animal. Later, her student group worked to improve her high school’s environmental standards. Their flagship project was an organic garden, operated completely by teenagers, where excess produce was donated to the local food shelters. For her work, Kristen was awarded the White House's Champion of Change recognition.

Later, Kristen shifted her focus to a deeply personal issue: Huntington's disease. Soon after her mom passed away from this hereditary disease, Kristen decided to document her own harrowing genetic-testing process, raising $50,000 to make a professional film. This experience turned into “Twitch”, a documentary that followed then-18-year-old Kristen through her emotional and personal decision. Since completion in 2014, “Twitch” has screened on six continents, across 30 cities, to over 5,000 people.

Kristen currently works as an advocacy-coordinator at a local nonprofit. She lives in Saxapahaw, where she greatly enjoys living near the beautiful Haw River and pimento cheese sandwiches at the General Store!